Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Funny Marriage Stories Are Not The Sole Domain Of Newlyweds.

Years down the road, the stories abound...

Newlyweds, what can one say except that sometimes their enthusiastic, public hash tagged exuberance can only get one response...#justwaitayear . They still wrap each other, metaphorically of course, in pretty terms of endearments and aren't scared to share that with all and sundry. Oh yes, they are the first couple to have found true love!!!

Anyway, just wait until this ' best husband in the world ' drops either a dirty undies, wind or his facade and then let's see those googly eyed hashtags.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet that could lure forth the #ohgodwhatnow hashtag from Bob and perhaps with reason. This time my eye was on sorting out our vegetable garden or what was left of it after the recent bout of hail. But regardless of hail, rain or shine, tall weeds and grass ( not the smoking sort of course ) have overtaken this little patch of our kitchen garden. It needed some tender love and care.

" Bob, let's do the weeding. I'll start here and you there. "
and because Bob has oodles more weeding experience, he took the big hoe and proceeded with great speed. I focused on another weedy spot and pulled out what ever crossed my path. Fair enough.

At one stage we were almost on top of each other and suddenly I heard my Schatzi say:

" Look, it's no use both of us having muddy hands. "
As I was finger deep in wet earth, I thought for a minute that I had heard another angelic one liner from Bob. With elation that after more than 10 years together, he still has my best interests at heart, I stood up to give him a googly eyed response, when he uttered another far from angelic one liner:
" Look, your hands are dirty already and mine aren't, so you should put the weeds and stuff into the wheelbarrow! "

... and there you have it folks. That newly wed "stars covering your eyes" state loses its lustre rather quickly and then the real McCoy comes through, and not a day too soon it seems. Real and honest one liners keep us in laughter and makes being together that much more fun...