Monday, 4 May 2015

It's All In The Name, And Elizabeth The Third It Might Be.

A royal conundrum perhaps?

My money is on that little one's name becoming Elizabeth. Lizzy for short, because ever since seeing Pride & Prejudice the name " Lizzy " sounds nice. None of this newfangled name giving. The hyphened names, the strange musician names, the city names and let's not forget the produce ones.

  • Apple
  • Paris
  • Brooklyn
  • Saffron
  • Moon / Diva
Good grief, imagine this little princess being called " Chelsea " or " Petal ". Enough said. Strong, old fashioned names are great. They don't age as much and to date them is rather difficult. To put a date on modern names is rather easy, as there is always a wave of copy cats.

Naturally this little princess will have to honour some of her forebears in her name and I hope that the first one is an easy one. At least her parents have their choice whittled down by protocol and they won't be tempted by " Mackenzie / Chloe / Peaches ".

Regardless of her name, this little princess was a ray of sunshine in a world dominated by turbulent news. Often, the mere thought of goodness makes all the difference and perhaps bring a lot of people onto nicer thoughts.

The World being as it is, there are already complaints about the little one's mother as she looked so beautiful mere hours after giving birth. Well, I think that Princess Catherine is clever enough to realize that whatever she does, there will be the odd lot complaining...The hecklers or to put it bluntly, the Envious.

As much as we all want to see photos of royal babies and children, I hope that this little " Lizzy " will have a modicum of a normal childhood.

One thing that is for sure, is that there will be a wave of girls having the same name as her. Let's wait and see what it turns out to be!