Thursday, 28 May 2015

Deutsch Schuetzen's Seniors Are On The Move.

The doyens of our village are amazing.

As you know, I have started a walking hour with Seniors in two of the villages of our Gemeinde and it is taking shape. The news has spread and yesterday I had gained another walker. Some of you might shake your heads and mutter ' so what ', but don't forget that making the effort to exercise isn't easy whatever your age...

The wind was so strong yesterday morning that it took great synchronicity to open my car door between the gusts of wind. Convinced that no one would venture forth in such gusty weather
( Bob, won't join me for a walk when there is either a drop of rain in the distance or strong winds around...) I waited nevertheless, just in case.

And just as well I waited, as three wonderful ladies came bowed in the wind to our meeting place. Seniors could teach us a thing or two! There was a new walker and straightaway she told me that as the weather was a bit nippy, ( good God, it was freezing in those gust of wind ) she had put on her winter coat and wasn't sorry for it. She is such a small and slight lady, that when we walked into those gusts I feared she might be bowled over...but she blew me away with her tenacity.

As we set off, I hesitatingly asked them if they were alright to walk in such windy weather, offering them a

Get out of the walk pass ...No Bob, they aren't transferable....
Surprisingly, all three enthusiastically said yes to our walk. One said that she had made up her mind to walk in all kinds of weather and quite rightly said that when it rains, she can use her umbrella. Wow. Of course if she had taken her umbrella yesterday, she would have become a headline in our village newspaper
Mary Poppins sighted over Deutsch Schützen
. We set off on our round which took about 50 minutes and as the walk was in the form of a quadrant, there were places that seemed to be haunted by even more vicious gusts of wind. Instead of complaining, they just stopped and turned into ( or should it be away from ) the wind and waited it out.

Oh, and did I mention that all the way, they were laughing and enjoying the walk, despite or rather because of the weather. Life, even with obstacles is there to be grabbed with both hands...