Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Remember How Much Free Time We Had Before Facebook?

Facebook makes sure we don't even have to think...

Don't get me wrong, I still love logging on to my Facebook to play the various games while reading 4-5 postings and of course more importantly posting my blog. Most days there is a very noticeable message reminding us of who's having a birthday.

About a week ago, I tinkered around with my privacy settings and took my birthday off line. I wasn't quite sure whether it would work ( taking anything off FB is not easy ) and was awaiting yesterday with bated breath.

You know something, it worked. Those who should remember my birthday did and most importantly, without being prompted. As you can imagine, that was ultra special.

Social media takes great pride in doing chores for us and making us extremely lazy in the process. There is not much we still have to think about that some app doesn't remind us of. Gosh, even Skype gives us a timely reminder if it is someones birthday!

Be honest, getting a gazillion birthday messages on Facebook doesn't really count if everyone was prompted, or does it? We should all purchase a little black book where we can stash all those important numbers and dates in our lives. Truth be told, I am ashamed to say that all phone numbers that are important to me, are stored in my cell phone and cell phone only.

The new social currency of the future will be privacy. As things stand right now, most of us are standing bare on the social media platforms. Imagine buying a book and having the whole plot exposed in the first chapter...Why would we still bother to read it?

Back when Facebook first came on our radar, we all had enough common sense to question why we would need to use it. Meeting up with old friends was a good selling point and only seeing everyone else jump aboard made us sign up for it.

But since then, it has become our living room, bed room and kitchen and has and still is robbing us of precious family time. With the collaboration with Smartphones, Facebook has us in the palm of its hand or to put it bluntly, we have it hugging our behinds most of the time...rather amazing that these phones don't break when everyone sits on them.