Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bob's Wine Adventure In Rechnitz.

The Spring-Wine-Weekend in our area.

Our roads, far from being lined with gold, are littered with pedestrians on their way to the next wine tasting. Ingenious indeed, that a collection of villages in the superior wine region of Südburgenland ( ) have organized this weekend where for the price of an entry ticket, you can walk, hop on hourly bus and merely go along to the next wine tasting.

As small as our village is, it was abuzz yesterday. Bob, had wanted to taste his way around all the villages too, as last year we only went to one wine tasting. Unluckily or rather luckily for me, I couldn't go with but a husband needs to go off on his own too ( how else do they appreciate our wit and charm unless they don't see it for a while? ).

As I had suspected, Bob only came home after the sun had gone, to see other parts of our planet slightly tipsy but no more than that. It seems he had picked up on my trick of matching a glass of wine instantly with a glass of water. Most of us do know the effects of drinking wine all afternoon without having water along with it...The next morning might be rather disastrous.

Normally we just drive through Rechnitz and don't stop to take in its beauty. With Bob and his crowd tasting their way around the Rechnitz vineyards, it has opened up another avenue of adventure. Tasting wines from Rechnitz has also put our local wines into perspective ( oh yes, we are still fans of wine from Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen ).

Bob, was telling me the in's & out's of his afternoon and I could hear how taken he was by the spectacular beauty of the hills covered in vines and that he had an opportunity to witness this splendour alongside his friends. As he was enthusing about his adventure, he suddenly gave me a bottle of red wine.

" I bought you a present. After tasting this particular red, I thought that you would love it."
How nice is that? With Bob having discovered a new wine route, on those weekends that there is nothing to do, guess what, we can meander through Rechnitz and its vineyards. Rechnitz is also at the bottom of a magnificent mountain range and to drive over it, is something special everyone should try.


As Bob has taken this photo, I can just tell you that it is in Rechnitz. But what a beautiful photo!
Is there a better way to have a wine tasting?
It seems that riding a horse is fine, even if you tasted wine...rather a novel and brilliant idea!