Friday, 1 May 2015

Dear Money, Have You Lost Your Value(s)?

A boxing purse to rival any other and to make us think!

By now just about everyone will have realized that boxing history is being made on Saturday. History to do with the amount of money earned by the pugilists rather than by their might. Have we gone mad?

When I first heard on the news that even the loser of this match will earn about 100 million dollars, I thought:

Here we go. This smacks of the time of the Great Gatsby and that moment before the fall.
or rather the moment before hyper inflation reared its ugly head.

So many people all over the world are starving and would be ecstatic if they have more than a meal per day and here we go and throw money at two pugilists, who don't need any more money. Yes, I know that they are not the only ones making a buck. Everyone associated with the fight will garner oodles of money. ( Jeez-a-lou, would you pay 90 dollars to see this fight on your telly at home ? )

Even the newsreaders didn't see that irony of first reporting about the tragedy taking place in Nepal and people being hungry, thirsty and having nothing but the clothes on their backs, and then following it up with this ridiculous pugilistic bout.

Am I being hypocritical because honestly I do play lotto and dream of a few millions here or there and yet I take a stance at this " billion dollar " twelve round spectacle?

Reading between the lines, I am getting a sense that the money bubble ( the one created by Le Internet ) has a puncture. Apps are going bust, and even Twitter seems to have disappointed their shareholders by being less profitable then expected. Perhaps we are awakening from our stupor and becoming reacquainted with the smell of real roses...

Virtual fatigue has crept up on a lot of us. Back in the day, when Facebook first launched, it was easy and fun to connect with friends everywhere. My golly gosh, have times changed! The boast of " Can you believe how many followers / friends I have " is all very well, but how on earth does one keep up with them?

Unless you are part of the inner clique of Facebook...the 100 Likes club, your thoughts are hardly noticed. The only other way to get noticed involves the payment of money to, no thanks, my thoughts aren't that important!

Virtual fatigue is here and the only way to cure us of it, is to switch off every now and then and go outside into the non-virtual does exist, you know!