Monday, 18 May 2015

A Poppy A Day Keeps The Doldrums Away.

Eisenberg's vineyards have something interesting wherever you look.

It might not look like this is in a wine area, but atop of the Eisenberg I stumbled across a small meadow of poppies adjacent to the vineyards.
I had just turned the corner when I stumbled across this beautiful view. Reds and greens so vibrant that it was almost breathtaking. The bees were buzzing merrily and pollinating happily. You can just see a bit of an old Kellerstöckl at the top of the photo.
This should definitely lift any doldrums you might have...
Imagine waking up to this view? Vines and forest as far as the eye can see and a red paradise right in front of you...
This view alone makes it worthwhile to walk on Sunday mornings....often a solitary walk!
A still life of harmony, happiness and industriousness. One could easily loose track of time...