Sunday, 10 May 2015

Orange & Mauve Mothers' Day Bouquets For Mothers Everywhere.

A day where mothers everywhere should be pampered...

This so delightfully bright orange even surprised me. Isn't it just gorgeous? It is astounding how flowers know where to grow and show off their flair.
Wow, every little detail of this mauve stunner is placed to perfection. Subtle shades that somehow leave a strong imprint on our soul.
Some of you might recognize this gentle garden's slope. Yes, last year I had a chance to photograph Renate's wonderful display of flowers. This year might surpass in stature. Her garden is so lovely and most of the time has the fortune of a powder blue sky in the back.
I am not sure which of the two main colour schemes of today is my favourite. The orange packs a punch but the mauve sneaks up on you with its loveliness.
...A little mini-cosmos...

All over the world there is a movement afoot right now....little elves are busy in kitchens everywhere preparing breakfasts for Mums. Hardworking mums. A mum keeps a family in tow, sorts out all our problems and always puts us first. Who is usually the first person we call when we don't know how to solve a problem? Three huge cheers to our mums.
To end of, there is a nice bunch of flowers. The blurry white daisy guarding the combination of a colourful and joyful meadow.
Here is a Happy Mother's Day wish for all my Mums and all Mums everywhere.