Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Nature Reminds Us To Live Life Slowly.

Just like the fine print counts, so do the little things in nature.

These yellow lovelies, are on the side of a road in our wine region. For many they are just a bunch of weeds, but I think they are absolutely stunning. This yellow curve needed to be enjoyed for a minute.
At times I don't quite know what catches my eye, but I think in this instance it was those little dots of colour among the pine needles. Baby pine cones perhaps? How many people merely drive passed and never notice the intricacies?
A few mornings ago, the mist hovered at the right time outside our house. Coupled with a sunrise, it was a treat to behold. A romantic image indeed...

As Burgenland is home to over a billion trees, forests are everywhere and these observation huts along side them. It must be a step back in time to sit in one of them. In there you don't need or use all those modern contraptions that have taken over our spare time. In these huts, you can have a time-out from the stresses of modern life...and rediscover the breathtaking beauty of nature.
Bob and Albert have started their own project in our garden and it looks as though Tigger has a word to say about it...or she has found a new toilet ground!
Nature's detail are a marvel. A mere month ago these leaves didn't exist yet.