Friday, 8 May 2015

It Only Took A Flutter & Emancipation Flew Out The Window.

There is nothing like a strong cave man husband.

You know I can parallel park with panache and of course only in an empty street with no onlookers ( especially a husband ), I can chop my own onions, I can feed our wildcat and I can manoeuvre my way around an airport with ease but there are some things, where the only solution is to scream at the top of my lungs for Bob to come to the rescue.

It's not really fair towards men, but we still do sometimes cling on to our age old weakness. Well I do at least. Need I say more than the word Spiders or Strange noises at night that make most of us suddenly revert to being the weaker lot? And gladly so!

Anyway, yesterday morning I had opened all the doors and windows to get a breath of fresh air and while I was taking the washing out of the machine, I heard a loud woosh sound and saw two fast moving shapes flying past the bathroom door. Oh my gosh, what was that?

I had just recovered from my fright when these shapes flew back the other way. Oh, I then realized that two swallows had thought our entrance rather attractive and made a turn into our house. But with no obvious exit, this poor bird and his wingman got scared and flew backwards and forwards with speed and the odd crying noise. As much as I wanted to help them, I was still busy hiding behind the door from the big bad birds that could fit into the palm of my hand, come to think of it.

" Bob! Booooob! Quick, you've got to help."
I have got to hand it to Bob, he was there in a flash from wherever he was working in the garden
( my high pitched scream could have woken up the whole neighbourhood ). As soon as Bob came in, I tried to calmly, while still hovering behind the bathroom door, tell him ( stupidly because the birds were doing a fly by ) that birds had lost their way.

Suddenly Bob disappeared again and I thought: ' Unbelievable. He knows I am in a spot of bother and he is a fireman after all...' I timed the fly by in the same manner as we did as kids, while jumping the rope held by friends, and dashed out the front door to see where Bob had gone to.

As I was about to have a wifely ( a.k.a. high pitched / supersonic ) cadenza, I realized Bob had actually started to help these birds. He was taking off our mosquito netting so the frightened birds could fly outside easier. You know, I was so proud of Bob. He knew instantly how to deal with two birds while calming down his

All I can say that it was fortunate that the birds weren't bats. Bob has a phobia about bats and once back in S.A. a bat flew into our flat and if I recall correctly, we both hid in the bathroom until the bat left on its own accord....