Sunday, 24 May 2015

Vienna Shines @ The Eurovision Song Contest.

Bob and I were proud as can be...

Some might describe this Eurovision contest as a kitsch affair and refuse to even watch it, but don't forget what this particular contest has brought us. Remember Abba, Udo Jürgens, Celine Dion, Katarina and The Waves and of course, Frau Wurst? Oh yes, all winners.

Whoever thought of this idea of letting the contestants experience the various attraction around Austria, is a genius. With one stroke, the world saw how divine Austria really is and that there is more to it than simply mountains where Heidi can spring from singing her song.

After each contestant performed ( those that I stayed awake for ), I told Bob that this was the winner. Well, truthfully, there were one or two that I didn't like very much. But next time I will have to have a pen and paper at hand, because it's easy to forget your favourites.

Australia, our newest European neighbour has the advantage of time difference. They can view it over breakfast and more importantly view each and every contestant without nodding off. Not that Bob and I are in our dotage, but staying awake past nine o'clock is not so easy any more.

Talking about staying awake, I heard an ad on the radio about a nightclub that offered free drinks between ten and midnight. For me that sounded silly and stupid until Bob showed his superior knowledge of clubbing and of course the times one clubs.

" Babe, no one goes out before 2 am. No one of clubbing age that is! "
...well, that proved that I had a fairly uneventful youth and my husband an eventful one. Oh, he knew the times from personal experience!

The second last and last contestants were amazing. Russia and Italy were on my list of winners. Alas, we couldn't stay up until the winner was announced and only found out this morning that Sweden had won.

He performed brilliantly and deserved to win but so did a lot of others. Maybe next time and next time Bob and I will watch again...Well done Austria, for putting on such a great show.