Saturday, 23 May 2015

It's Raining The Proverbial Cats & Dogs In Our Paradise.

An adventure indoors for a change.

Naturally there are a few negatives to this continuous rainfall. A mudslide here or there but frankly, it often is the result of bad planting or urbanization ( not many places left for the water to be absorbed ) and it's not nice to blame Mother Nature. Doing laundry in rainy weather means that bathrooms and hallways will be stacked with those pesky drying racks.

A weekend where it is raining can easily translate into reading your favourite book. Is there anything nicer than reclining on the couch, book in hand, chocolate within reach and a story that has made you forget your surroundings.

Water is a precious commodity and when it rains, I feel as if gold is dropping down from the heavens. Years ago a farmer from Dalton told me that when it rains, it saves him a fortune each day. A day of rain means not having to irrigate his crop. Massive savings to the farmers.

No weather is perfect and as we are only human, we tend to complain in all types of weather. Either it's too hot, too wet, too cold, too cloudy ....etc.

Tomorrow, Bob is joining his Fireman's troop to walk to a Frühschoppen at a village nearby. Well, not so near as it is about 10 km from us. He got his marching orders for 7.15 sharp tomorrow morning, come rain or shine!

Frankly I tend to think that Bob would prefer it to rain. Last year was the first time he walked there ( oh yes, it is an annual event ) and it was blazing hot. So hot in fact, that when he was walking, one of the other walkers told Bob in the local dialect:

" Bob, hoas ias! ( Bob es ist heiss / Bob, it is hot ) "
and as Bob was still new to our local dialect, he told me that all he heard was:
" Bob, there is a horse "
...and after looking everywhere for this horse in vain, he thought to himself that this person was a bit dilly!

Well, to this day, they remind him of this bit of linguistic misinterpretation while doubling over in laughter. Of course, in Bob's defense, I have to tell you that some Austrians from Vienna, would have also thought it meant Horse...