Friday, 22 May 2015

Red Roses And Wine Make Life Just Fine.

A morning spent bottling wine and shooting photos.

It almost seems as if this red blooming rose is the keeper of the vines...When you see how tiny the bunches of grapes are, it is hard to imagine that they will make our delectable wine!
It was overcast and a tad bit rainy yesterday yet, the roses put their best bloom forward. For me at least. These red roses guard a wine cellar and what one calls a Kellerstöckl...( a place where the wine was made and still is, and a place to hang out in ).
I never thought I would be able to casually drop into conversation that I had bottled wine earlier on...drinking is easy, but bottling is another thing entirely!

A perfectly formed rosebud. Beautiful, vibrant in colour with its petals organized like sychronized swimmers.
A raindrop careering down a rose and vine leaf. Despite the dull day, this rose provides a bright spot.
A few of the vineyards of Eisenberg are in the background. The next four or five months will provide endless beauty and of course a hive of activity. No vintage is the same as it obviously depends on the weather and that what makes it so exciting when you get to taste the first sip of wine.

Here is link for a typical Kellerstöckl to rent in our area.