Saturday, 16 May 2015

Gemeinde Deutsch Schuetzen Gets Moving...

Project walking takes its first step.

As you know, our little district has a committee that devotes itself to making life more livable in the village. Mainly aimed at senior citizens and I am fortunate that I can work part time and help out.

By now most of our village has seen me walk in the mornings...all year round which sometimes makes it look as if I was ice skating along! I just love to walk and the fact that I can walk wherever and whenever and without fearing for my safety. Well, the odd wild pig perhaps.

Walking is an instant Feelgood and if that feeling could be bottled, I'd make a fortune. Yet, it's not as if I yodel out of the house each morning. Often I do have to give myself a mental kick in the derriere to get moving. Although it only takes a few minutes of my walk for the endorphin to kick in and a general feeling of wellness to come to the fore.

At our last committee meeting of Leben Im Dorf ( Living in the village ), there were discussions of what exercise classes could be offered for our senior citizens. This and that got banded about and I thought why not mention a walking group?

To my surprise, my idea was grabbed with both hands and now we are in our third week. Making stuff complicated never works and so we merely put up posters advertising the fact that we offer two hours a week, where anyone can come and join me for a walk:

Monday 8 am: Eisenberg Feuerwehr Halle
Wednesday 8 am: Deutsch Schützen Komm-Zentrum

The first two weeks, nobody showed up and I walked on my own. Never mind, these changes take time. The second Wednesday, my walk crossed over the path of a local Nordic walking group. They noticed that I still walked on my own and wished me well for the following week.

Last Wednesday ( third time lucky indeed! ), I had my first success. A local lady who is a grandmother many times over joined me for a walk. She was thrilled about this project and we walked and talked for close to an hour. Gosh, how marvelous.

As it was Wednesday, we crossed over the path of the other walking lot. Oh my goodness I was so happy when they started to give us an enthusiastic cheer and congratulate this lady for walking with me...

Our village is small, in fact tiny compared to where most of you live, but our Mayor and various committees are progressive in thought and action. They have realized that walking not only helps to keep healthy but it also keeps a few doldrums at bay. An hour a week to look forward to....and for me too!