Thursday, 30 April 2015

Gosh, April Is Almost Over And May Is Here!

Nature accompanies the changing seasons with aplomb.

A mauve cloak in its proper setting...the greens lend it more hue.
The barn doors seem to form the best background for most of nature's stars. A simple twig of a branch, yet rather amazingly nice...
This street sign in the middle of our vineyards always makes me smile...and of course look over my shoulder for a moose sighting!
The hidden sheep...those little dears that went for a walk the other day...
" I hope she didn't see me! "

" Is she still looking at us? "
Another road through the forest and to think that only a month or so ago, there were no leaves to be seen. In fact one could see a deer a mile away!
All roads lead to us! When Bob and I walked home another route altogether, I took this photo to perhaps send to a friend who is a mountain bike enthusiast...maybe he will see it here.
To end off, a typical Kellerstöckl seen in our area. Vineyards all around and a gentle curve in the road...the road of life!