Monday, 27 April 2015

The Green Grass Of Eisenberg.

With a few colourful supporting acts in between...

The world right now is full of disasters and it is so overwhelming to witness it all. ..." there but for the grace of God go I"... could apply to all of us. This morning I thought that some images of a simple back garden scene would be okay.
Bob had gone to run around the soccer pitch for his fire brigade training, when I hung up the washing and saw this little bit of nature, a bit that seems to have all the elements to give it hue.
This green weedy thorny fellow seems to be barring entrance to all and sundry. Entrance to Bob's future bar. It almost seems as if the weedy fellow has thrown himself against the wooden barn doors.
Blades of green grass thrown ( grown ) together in a hopscotch manner are in the end as artistically beautiful as if it had been arranged by an artist. The succulent green grass bending in the wind is rather delightful to behold. The hidden purple wildflower adds mystique.
The only two things that kept me from laying down on this green mattress, where the thriving ecosystem of ants and of course the hot sun beaming down its luster.
Finally, I have to show you how wonderfully vibrant Bob's window boxes are. The daisies love their elevated position on our window sill. One could almost say that they enjoy lording it over their little cousins on the lawn...