Friday, 3 April 2015

The Abundance Of Blossoms On The Fruit Trees Of Eisenberg.

A loud cheer from nature via the beautiful buds of April.

Happiness almost sprouts from these branches. Bob and I were in awe when we saw this bank of trees. A farmer was ploughing his field and was afflicted with us two standing hours in front of a bunch of trees.
We did walk on the right day, because having a blue backdrop is usually more of a May affair!
Each individual photo has a sense of abundance about it. If Bob hadn't said, let's go, I would have taken photos for another half hour...
This is the wonderful thing about living in a wine producing area, one is never far from a source and reminders of nature's ability to turn grapes into something even nicer, is everywhere. You can see a shimmer of vines behind the white veil.
No words needed to appreciate this bounty!
Finally, a clear sign that we make wine here...