Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Hidden Deer And Some Extras.

Seen and spotted in Eisenberg

At first I didn't notice it and if it weren't for Bob's eagle eyes, I would have missed it. How adorable, don't you think?
This is almost like one of those hidden image posters. If you look long enough all is revealed! Well, this deer didn't move a muscle nor an inch except to turn its head as we moved on.
One more deer photo...its camouflage is amazing. This little deer was near the Eisenberg nature park.
Still in Eisenberg but slightly different in nature. Isn't it amazing that we have a winery that has its wines served at international major events? Wow, Polczer wines, fantastic.
Some more evidence that Spring is in the air. A peach tree blossoming.
Not forgetting our roses. Simple yet rather effective even without the flower. The vibrant red of its leaves were too beautiful for me to resist photographing. Funnily enough, ten minutes after this photo we had spots of snowflakes falling...strange indeed.