Friday, 24 April 2015

An Ordinary Thursday's Shopping Trip Turns Into A Heartwarming Day.

A nod here and a wave there...

One only gets to realize it, once you move to a new place or new country. A new life means being incognito for a while at least and like anything else in life, you only realize what you are missing when you don't have it! Oh, very philosophical indeed...

We take it for granted that on the way to a shop, work or school someone will greet you, wave or stop you for a chat. Yet, this only happens when you've grown roots in the community. Having roots is naturally easy when you've lived there from year dot, but when you move there in year dot plus 40, nothing is certain.

Bob and I did our weekly shop in Güssing yesterday because on the way, there is an old age home and I wanted to pop in for a few minutes to say Hello to a former ' Eisenberger '( she was so happy to be thought of, that I think I got more out of this visit ). Bob was extraordinarily patient and waited in the fact I could have chatted for longer as Bob had dozed off in the warm sunshine...

At about lunchtime we got into Güssing central ( don't be fooled, it is just bigger than a village yet very scenic and pretty complete with a medieval castle ). As we were waiting to cross the road traffic was abundant, for Güssing that is, and we both waited patiently next to the road.

A vaguely familiar looking car stopped in the road and also stopped traffic behind and we thought, wow what a friendly motorist...well, it turns out that it was the mum of one of our English tots and she had recognized Bob and I straight away. Of course she couldn't stop and chat but a friendly and vigorous wave from her and her son, made all the difference to Bob and I.

Feeling good, I ducked into the pharmacy and Bob paced outside, waiting for me.

Do you also have to bribe your husband to patiently wait for you? Somehow, men don't understand how we love to read each and every word on each and every package handled by us in a cosmetics section...and come to think of it, even in the supermarket!

Eventually I finished my shop ( luckily for me, Bob doesn't always wear his watch!!! ) and was surprised to see Bob smiling. It turned out, that while he was waiting for me on the pavement outside the pharmacy, a bus drove passed and the bus driver opened the window and shouted:

" Hello Bob! "
Our neighbour had recognized Bob. Recognized him and had taken the effort to give a greeting. Those seemingly insignificant moments are really what make life so enjoyable and special.