Saturday, 25 April 2015

An Apple A Day, A Blackbird Or Two And A Cute Kitten...

The year of abundance has entered our garden!

The garden behind our barn is prolifically scattered with fruit trees. Apple, plum, pear and the same again a few times. Each apple tree has a different variety. Very nice indeed. Oh, and all organic...
Hard to believe that these stunning looking blossoms do turn into apples. An alchemy of sorts! If only you could hear the buzzing in our garden. Bees are having the time of their lives
Intricate in its detail but overall so abundant. This particular apple tree has been named the tree of abundance by us. Luckily for us, this year it is over-blossoming indeed. Yipee.
The apple tree next to the abundance one, seems also not too shabby!
Bob had mowed our back garden and these blackbirds were going crazy with ecstasy. Hopping here and there with gay abandon, picking what I would imagine to be a half of a worm.
This little fellow also partakes in Tigger's meal times. Both of us have seen this bird ( or one of its bretheren ) hop to our cats bowl and pick at the food. Really!
I couldn't resist: Bob and I met this little kitten on our morning walk through Deutsch Schützen. We can't wait until we have a kitten as well....