Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Warm Sunshine Weather Is Beneficial To The Benchers'.

Village Living at its best.

Riviera of Austria, would be a more appropriate name for Südburgenland this weekend...oh yes, sunshine all the way and temperature in the 20's and as much as I like all seasons, it is nice to have warm days too.

A simple thing like hanging the washing on the line is a sheer pleasure. I love it and the fact that a few hours later, the laundry smells sun - kissed and is extremely dry. Simple pleasures are the best!

Just about everyone in our village had a spring in their step yesterday and most were out and about too. The sound of tractors doing their thing was heard all day, and hearing that particular roar is pleasant. Gosh, I can filter the various roars ( or purrs ) of the tractors. I now know who drives what and who drives slow or fast on their tractors. Wait till I get to drive a tractor...!

Anyway, I went to do a chore in Eisenberg Weinberg ( the mecca of wine lovers ) and no, it wasn't to taste wine either, and as I parked the car, I noticed that the bench out front was being warmed by not only the sunshine but by an older man. He was contemplating the niceness of life from that elusive vantage point of a bench.

A bench might be considered old fashioned by many. A bench outside the house or next to the road, is for many a waste of time, but not for me. Sitting on those benches is like being given the keys to a kingdom. The ability to switch off from all of modern day life stresses is very rare. Being a bench tourist, awards you a glimpse and opportunity to see your life from a different angle.

On the bench, it is not important what you drive, how big your house is or what label you might be sporting on your trainers. What is important is kindness and a sense of humour . On a bench, you get to share real life happenings with real life people. On those benches you'll hardly find anyone who owns a Smartphone. Maybe a cell phone, but then only for emergencies.

The " benchers " are a happy lot. In a world where all we can do is wear knee pads or elbow pads in order not to get hurt when we get buffeted about by the stresses of our lifestyle ( and ironically we self impose this lifestyle on ourselves ) it is a breath of fresh air, to see how life can be lead otherwise.

We all need to take the off ramp of our particular lifestyle highway and perhaps even for an hour take a pit stop on a bench and let the real " benchers " show us the secret to a perhaps ( even ) happier life.