Wednesday, 15 April 2015

If Marilyn Monroe Were Alive Today, I Don't Think She'd Find Jeans That'd Fit Her.

Size zero and Miss Monroe, don't go!

What on earth have we done to ourselves? Arguably the sexist women of all times - Marilyn Monroe - would find nothing to wear in our shops today. Everything would be way to small.

Even walking passed a window display one has to wonder who on earth would / could fit into clothes of such tiny proportions as are on the mannequin, and honestly, it can strike fear into a normal sized woman. How often does one want to be humiliated? Granted, it is just in front of yourself and that awfully lit mirror in a changing room.

From experience, I tend to take a selection of three sizes to try on. Large, extra large and then some, yet, if you base extra large on a scale of size zero being small, no wonder that none of us fit into a two size bigger pair of jeans.

I don't know about you, but when I gather the courage to try on a pair of jeans, I try my hardest not to look into that brightly lit mirror until I am clad in the new togs ( if I can get a leg in, that is ). When none of my size selections are suitable I tend to get discouraged and to cheer myself up I head out to soothe my soul with a yummy ice cream! Ahem...

France has banned the use of runway models who are too thin. Well done, but why don't they rather go after the source of the problem?

  • How about handing out fines to shops that mostly stock a range of clothes that we average women won't be able to wear?
  • How about banning magazines that tell you to constantly go on a diet, because otherwise you wouldn't be thought beautiful? Now, there is the true crime.

By the way, do men go through this dilemma as well? Are they constantly being reminded that unless they have a six pack ( sorry, not a case of beers ) they are not handsome? Of course not, men are handsome however they are.

Often the only way to get clothes is to shop at a plus size shop where a bit of sorting through the range is required to find trendy jeans etc. For those who feel a stigma attached to shopping in a Plus Size establishment, take heart....this would be the only shop that Miss Marilyn Monroe would frequent.

Let's make being normal desirable again...