Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Lure Of Ice Cream Is Still The Most Effective Tool In Parents Arsenals.

Forget about modern techniques, bribery still works.

My hour with two youngsters who still preside in a kindergarten hierarchy, can at times either fly by or drag with each and every minute being felt. Entertaining two five year old's for an hour at a time and in English as well, has its moments, mostly good but some a bit trying too.

Yesterday was a day of extreme warmth, blue skies and short sleeves. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that ice cream was on everyone's minds. When I arrived at the church yard ( we have the hour in either the vestry or outside in the garden next to the church ) the first boy was in an angelic mood and lucky for me, the other copied his mood.

Naturally the first 10 minutes were fantastic and it was made clear to me, why.

" My mum said I could have an ice cream if I am good this hour. "
whereupon his little compatriot mentioned
" My mum lets me eat ice cream three times a day, every day! "
Funny, how bragging starts early...

As it was sunny outside, we ventured out onto the playground which awards a view of the local shop. It was still closed for lunch, but as ( my ) luck would have it, the ice cream delivery truck was there and ready to move on. Both the boys recognized the logo of the big truck instantly.

Oh my, when it started to move off, the one boy was almost in a panic at the thought that his ice cream was going away too. It took all my might to explain to him that there were plenty more ice creams in the shop.

But from that point onward, he made sure that the shop entrance was always in his line of vision. Maybe just in case there was a run on ice cream by the villagers? I tried to interest them in a game of hide and seek or I-spy, but those lost their lustre after a minute. Toward the end of the hour, they both sat down on the lawn across from the shop, awaiting their mums return. Too comical.

During the lesson, the only way I could get attention was to mention that

" Don't forget that your mum will ask me whether you've been good. Remember the ice cream. "
oh I know, I felt a little bit guilty jumping on this bribery bandwagon, but oh gosh, it's so effective with five year olds.

By the way, even now at my age, the promise of ice cream is still very effective, but of course I've upped the ante from a cone to a fancy ice cream creation in a bowl, topped with mountains of whipped cream.