Saturday, 4 April 2015

Egg-cel-lent How Abundance Shows Up.

An Easter bunny with a difference.

At Christmas and at Easter, our village's Leben Im Dorf / Living in the village organizes a treat or two for elderly folks who have no one. Christmas cookies at Christmas and an Easter size Chelsea Bun for Easter ( Sorry, but I don't quite know how to translate an Oster-Strietzel into English ).

I was fortunate enough to be have nine of them to deliver in our part of the village. Fortunate, because it is such a marvellous feeling to see eyes light up at this unexpected treat. Nobody is too old for an Easter surprise! Having someone think of them is of course the major reason that the eyes light up.

Anyway, I was on to my third ' drop-off ' and the wind was blowing gales. My hair, even though it was caught in my usual clip atop my head, had a lot of strands yield to the call of this wind and I am pretty sure, that I resembled Edward Scissorhands or Struwelpeter. Never mind, at least I gave everyone a bit of a chuckle.

Stefan, who I gave one of the Easter surprise to, was so chuffed that he instantly went and got a tray of eggs for me. Real free range eggs, eggs that his numerous chickens ( who I saw parading and braving the wind behind me in his yard ) had laid. A treat indeed and an honour for me.

But just to backtrack to earlier in the day. I was at my parents house and as I was leaving, my mum asked me if I needed any eggs. It turns out that she had bought a whole lot and Murphy's Law, her neighbour gave her a tray of eggs that her chickens had freshly laid. Gosh, isn't life grande? Now my mum had 30 eggs and luckily for us, we got 10.

Organized as we are living in the country Bob and I had stocked up on eggs and our larder was stocked with 10 but after visiting the best Supermarket on earth

Chez Mama, where the prices are amazing!
I couldn't wait to tell Bob of our fortune of suddenly having 20 eggs at our disposal. Pure luxury and Bob was already thinking of making a banana bread.

Eggs are appreciated by us as they were a luxury in the beginning ( emigrating has a few challenges ). Can you imagine how wonderful it was to come home after visiting Stefan and tell Bob that now we were the owners of 30 eggs. Like giddy teenagers we did a few egg-scenarios:

  • 7 Fry up breakfasts ( If you do your maths, Bob will have to forfeit an egg or two).
  • or 15 salad lunches with hard-boiled eggs on top.
  • or 6 banana breads
  • or 5 pancake days!
  • or just a feeling of having the option to make whatever and whenever...

Abundance covers many things, and for us this Easter is abundant already even though we are still a day off...


Actually, to be quite correct, we are now abundantly rich with 34 eggs.