Tuesday, 21 April 2015

If Al Gore Had Been Elected, What Would Our Planet Look Like Today?

Could this be the REAL Inconvenient truth?

Some might not remember Al Gore and his run for the US Presidency, yet it was not that long ago.
In the 2000 U.S. Presidential election, and if it weren't for a recount of votes in Florida, Al Gore could have become the leader of America 15 years ago. Looking back, that was the most crucial time indeed. A time where a change in status quo was needed.

Mr Gore would have been first and foremost for our planet and its survival. He would have made different decisions and even if unpopular at the time, it would have become norm and acceptable.

This new era of Greed 2.0 might have been avoided, one hopes! What do I mean by this: This new way of life where only bigger and better is the thing to have, has implications. Firstly there is a constant need to make more money. Invest more money. And if there is money around to invest, stuff gets made / done / destroyed in the process.

Do you think the almost depression of 2007-2012 could have been avoided under Al Gore's rule?

The world is constantly building more structures while a lot of older ones stay unoccupied. How much more can our Planet still absorb and take? Just about anything that gets made today, hurts the ozone layer. That pesky little phrase that most of us have been ignoring or lamenting as a lie. Much easier to pretend to be ostriches, isn't it?

We have all been seeing the effect of our collective greed. Nature is saying, enough already. No more. How many more natural disasters and calamities must nature send us before we take real notice?

My generation might still be able to run in meadows, drink water from a stream or eat real homegrown vegetables, when we are in our old age. but I think that a lot of you with young children do worry about their future.

  • Deep down in your heart you do wonder, whether they will have a long and prosperous life living in a real natural world?
  • Do you think that their children ( your grandchildren to be ) will ever feel the joy of lounging in a meadow during summer?
  • Will your offspring ever be able to go walking through forests, swim in the sea, cycle outside or pick a real apple from an apple tree?
  • Is there going to be enough water for them?
  • Will they have enough food?

It has been mentioned, that 2015 is the last turning point for us. Collectively we need to change right now, or all those fears buried deep in our hearts, will become a realistic reality...


Books by Al Gore:The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change
The Assault on Reason
Jeffrey D.Sachs:Age of Sustainable Development