Monday, 20 April 2015

Dandelions And An Almost Hidden Cat.

A gardener's restraint, brings a whole lot of natural awesomeness.

There is a bank in the garden where the dandelions are heads above their fellow dandelions living on the straight and narrow of our garden. Bob's been itching to mow their abode, but I've persuaded him to wait a few more days. Urban jungle isn't all bad!
To the left of these dandelions is their fan base of green blades, waving in the wind. Absolutely fabulous.
Another dose of herbs...oh yes, dandelion tea is very good for one. It doesn't taste bad either. Dandelions are also the landing place of many bees and yet another reason to delay the mower.
The famous wagon wheel does look better with the green support.
Do you think we feed her too much? The camera does add 10 pounds, doesn't it?
Madam is not amused! She has perfected that bored look of a model. Yet, she loves the long grass and flowers all around her and when she thinks we're not looking, she wallows in this long grass.
Too be honest, our little feral Tigger is a good sport and lets me take endless amounts of photos. There she is posing in her go-to place of safety. Her inner sanctuary which ironically leads to the pigsty.