Wednesday, 22 April 2015

An Average Yet Stunning Day In Burgenland.

A Tulip does have power.

For the last few days I have been driving passed this red beacon. It is so hypnotic swaying in the wind on the corner of Reiger's Winery, that I parked the car and took a few photos. To get a better angle, I was crouching down on the pavement with my eh, backside towards traffic...I just hope motorists saw my camera, otherwise they might have thought I was a bit strange!
Oh, I cannot get enough of these. Illuminous indeed with a perfect emerald green tapestry.
On Monday, Bob and I walked via Höll into Deutsch Schützen as Bob needed to get eye drops from the pharmacy. Our new motto is: why drive if we can walk there! Of course it isn't a hardship when we see such lovely images. This is the lane leading up to the Chapel. The hill closest to us is the Eisenberg.
Yesterday we took a leisurely turn around the pond behind our house. We don't normally walk this way but were astounded at the beauty of it. A gently rolling hill surrounded by luscious meadows and orchards.
A bath with a difference. Bob thinks that it is for the buck to have water. I tend to think that someone likes to lounge and ponder life amid a buzzing orchard.
The pond in question. On the top left of the picture you can see a bit of our house. The white house!
Bob was digging in our garden and discovered this old bottle. Intact too, which is surprising as he was using a hardy spade. A treasure trove of old metals and bottles.
To end off, red tulips that are planted inside the war memorial in Eisenberg. They are a pleasure to behold.