Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Walk In The Park Seems More Like It.

Spring continues on glorious terms.

Bob and I walked through the forest behind our house yesterday morning and gosh, we were rewarded with eight buck...only this one was caught on film.
This should be called Wood Avenue as it is so amazing to see. Shadows, sunshine and tall trees. Bob was in the lead and so far we hadn't needed any breadcrumbs. At the top of Wood Avenue we had to make a choice.
" My old man and the forest. "

We chose right(ly) and as Bob is a superb navigator we didn't need to use breadcrumbs. We did a semi-circular amble in the forest. This glade was a place of beauty, rustles and good air.
A day without a photo of blossoms-no! When we emerged into this bright sunshine, these two trees were attracting my attention on the edge of the forest. Blue, green and white is a perfect combination.
Very soon these blooms will drop and reveal the true nature of each tree. Honestly, at the moment I don't know which tree is what. Apple, cherry, peach, plumb or just plain tree.
It pays to look up! Feels good to see this colour arrangement, doesn't it?