Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bob, A Window Cleaner Par Excellence & Publicity.

Oh, I chose well....

By now, the scuttle bug will do the rounds in our village, that yours truly has got a life of Riley. A life, where ( it seems that ) Bob does all the cleaning!

Bob, suddenly against all odds, took it upon himself to clean our windows. Granted, I had said that it's his responsibility as I am in charge of ' deep-cleaning ' the lavatory, shower, floors etc. Windows don't seem like such a big venture and they don't need doing that often.

Like a good wife, I had been nagging a while already but not yesterday and I don't know what possessed him at 11 am, but he got up from the computer and organized his cleaning paraphernalia . Bob needs all his ducks in a row and he was happy as can be when he found old newspaper. Far be it from me to interfere once the mood struck him to sort out the windows.

From experience, I made sure that I was quiet as a mouse and avoided all eye contact and held back any instructive comment... Oh yes, Bob gets easily side-tracked and I didn't want this window cleaning euphoria to end.

Little did I know that I needn't have bothered as a fantastically timed bedroom-window-clean coincided with our neighbour walking passed. All I heard from the lounge was:

" Brav Bob! Du bist ein guter Mann.( Well done, Bob. You are a good husband. ) "
and I could almost visualize Bob preening at being seen to clean the house by himself.

As it happens, every time that I have done the windows ( not so often, granted ) no one noticed or saw me cleaning them, yet, Bob's yearly window clean gets an appropriate audience...

The bedroom window was merely the second one cleaned and just on the off chance that Bob was tiring of this chore I made him aware that others might see him and what kudos that would be!

Hook line and sinker...Bob, every time he heard a car on approach, stretched a bit more out the window so that his work wouldn't be missed.

Bob did an excellent job on our windows and I do hope that someone in the village mentions to him, what a great job he did. How else will I induce Bob to repeat this venture? There might be a few miffed husbands too, because now the cat's out the bag and it is public knowledge that contrary to popular opinion, men can clean windows too...


I took this photo with the sun streaming and therefore it is very dark. But you can see Bob doing an excellent job on our bathroom window.
The window was squeaked clean...yes, I could hear the squeaking of the newspaper gliding down the window.