Monday, 13 April 2015

A Jolly Nice Weekend Indeed.

The constant sunshine did it.

Weeds to some, extreme beauty to me and I have to constantly beg Bob not to start mowing the lawn. Somehow, a little corner of our yard has turned into a colourful, medicinal display of wild flowers.
Maybe I should go on a course to learn how to harness the powerful natural healing potential of certain plants and flowers.
Look at this hovercraft in our garden! If only I could have captured the sound of this stunning bumblebee. This was on a shady side of the garden, so the photo is a tad bit dark.
The shrub standing guard at our front gate has decided to lure everyone with its vibrant red blossoms. The birds have been privy to it even before the red siren call, but now the bees are abuzz too.
What is a sunny Burgenland weekend without having a wine-stop at a local Buschenschank? You could tell how good the vittles and wine were, by the crush of people there. Good golly gosh, we almost had to wait for a table!!! Now that's a good sign.
Bob and I were rather clever and walked to meet my parents there. No guilt! The walk was extremely picturesque and not so long. This was on the way home.
How better to end off a divine and leisurely weekend but to see in the sunset? The trees give it another dimension of divinity.