Thursday, 23 April 2015

This Is A Forest Picture Show, Plain & Simple!

A green room right on our doorstep and if green is not your colour, please don't look!

Green, no make that emerald green as far as the eyes can see. Once you step into this paradise, even the air is so pure that breathing is a surprisingly fresh affair.
Bob has the eyes of an eagle. While I was busy imbibing the greenery and all that goes with it, he had spotted a buck in the road. Sorry, that this buck is a bit blurry but it takes a bit for me to haul out the camera and focus...
Just over a month ago, these branches were as bare as could be; making a walk in the forest a see-through affair. Spotting buck was easy. Now, we only get alerted by the braying of them ( it sounds like a dog barking ) or an obvious one jumping. These green leaves are the earth's air conditioning, aren't they?
A feather could have knocked me down yesterday morning when Le Bob ( a.k.a. Schatzi who thinks taking one photo is plenty ) said:
" I think you should turn around and take some photos of where we entered the forest. Show your readers our backyard! "

The wedding lane, don't you think? This would be an ideal lane to parade through as newly weds. The trees are standing guard and almost saluting. Too beautiful especially with the blue sky framing it.

A couple of our neighbours keep horses and go for out rides in the forest. On horseback it must elevate the feeling of peacefulness even more...Our forest, a nice and necessary place of nature.