Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Why Do We So Seldom Make Homemade Food?

Once you've tried anything homemade, store bought is hard to stomach.

Easter for us had one extra special component. My Mum made mayonnaise by hand. Yes, homemade mayonnaise...contrary to popular opinion, this condiment does not solely come from a supermarket jar. As you know, we have been blessed with an abundance of eggs, Mum as well, so that made her think of homemade mayonnaise.

Honestly, this might have been the first time that Bob has tasted it homemade. He was more used to those acidly and vinegary industrial produced ones. Some are not bad at all, but when you've put a dollop of the proper stuff on a freshly baked bread roll, a roll blanketed in oodles of butter and slices of an hard boiled egg, your taste buds think they've gone to Carnegie Hall.

Bob ever so casually asked my mum how she made it, and if it wasn't for the lack of mustard in our house, he would have made a serving as soon as we'd got home from Easter breakfast. Oh yes, Bob was taken, he was in food heaven and he mentioned the thought of making his own mayonnaise a dozen times...

Well, good wife that I am ( ! ), I hotfooted it to the shops yesterday and included a tube of mustard in the purchases. Eggs we have more than enough of and still own 26 of them! You should have seen Bob's eyes light up when he caught a glimpse of the mustard tube. ( After several years of marriage, mustard seems to trump wife ).

Bob, with a determination brought on by a bout of hunger, set off into the kitchen and all I could hear in the lounge was the loud buzzing noise of the handheld mixer, with now and again a shout of either annoyance or

" Do you remember what else your mum put into this? "
Of course I couldn't recall such finer details of condiment making and when the ' phone joker ' was used, there was nobody home. Never mind, in today's age it is all about looking online.

Bob did, and with that quick refresher, he continued on his culinary journey and it resulted in a most divine tasting mayonnaise. A hint of garlic, a hint of herbs and that unmistakable taste of homemade excellence.

Homemade trumps industrial made every home we don't use outlandish ingredients made up of long numbers.
Bob was far from amused at having to sacrifice a dollop of his new treasure! But I hope this can convey to some extent the elegance of Bob's homemade Mayonnaise.