Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Sunday & All That Goes With It.

A time to spend with the family.

Easter Sunday was a special day and it started off with a long walk for us. Bob did so want to
' not-walk ' but I persevered and the two of us were ambling over the beautiful hinterland of Eisenberg. The only compatriots on our walk were a herd of deer and numerous birds. Oh, and I almost forgot....sunshine and blue skies.

We knew that a lovely Easter brunch was awaiting us at my parents and was sort of a reward at the end. You'd also call it a reward when you'd see the breakfast table bend under the heavy weight of hams, eggs, homemade mayonnaise, cheese, fresh bread rolls and a few vegetables to ease the conscious.

But all food aside, it is a special time to have breakfast with family. For Bob and I, later on in the day, we had lovely Skype hours with our respective parents across the oceans and continents. Bob said later on:

" Wasn't it great that we were able to spend time with all three of our parents? "

As we drove home from breakfast in Deutsch Schützen, I noticed that every other house had a ring of cars in the driveways. Yes, families gathering for this special time and the various number plates coming from far and wide as usually happens with family being sprinkled all over.

Somehow, I can imagine that most Mum's ( whatever age ) were busy making personal favourites for their children. All of us have a fond memory of that one dish that our mothers made for us, either when we were ill or when we were good.

For those mothers with seven to eight children, it might have been a better option to be taken for lunch by the children as otherwise they'd have been busy all day making each one's favourite dish. You don't think that sibling rivalry ends at childhood, do you?


Everything but the tree's blossoms contributed to this picture. Blue skies, green grass and a newly painted memorial...
The herd of deer. They were so busy trying to expel one of their number, that they let us get rather nearer than usual. The line of trees you see, is the Pinka (the border between Austria and Hungary).
Eisenberg church seen from the back, yet, it is rather nice like that!
Again, the Eisenberg range from a distance and all very pleasing on the eyes...