Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Sunday Filled To Brim With Fun Activities.

Wine tasting might be among them...

Sunday brings with it that wonderful feeling of being on holiday albeit for only a short time. Sleeping in is the norm, a leisurely breakfast is a must and reading a Sunday Paper a bonus.
( Gosh, do you know that the New York Times Sunday edition is so full of things that you could read it all Sunday? )

In that lovely state between waking up and still being in la la land, I had the fabulous idea of having breakfast at Aloisia's but Bob put damper on this idea. Oh yes, he has a 10 am practice with his fire brigade. Really, Herr Kommandant, on a Sunday? least part of our village will get fit with all this extra running practice.

Breakfast at home it is and to be honest we have all the ingredients needed for a great one. Leisurely it won't, at least for Bob. At lunch time I will have to do the arduous task of tasting white wine. Oh golly gosh, hardship indeed.

My mum asked me to taste her white wine and as long as it is nicely chilled I will do as my mum asks!!!

Talking about chilled white wine, the other day we were out at a Buschenschank and dare I say that the white wine was far from chilled! Not nice and it does affect the taste of it, for me at least... The wine must be so chilled that the outside of the wine glass is cloaked in dew.

Can I mention that in Summer I put my red wine into the fridge? Room temperature is fine in Winter but when it is 35 degrees outside, the red must be chilled. In South Africa, most of us did put ice cubes into our full wine glasses and even restaurants put a bowl of ice cubes on the table.

The trick of course is to either drink your wine quickly before the ice cube melts or to freeze mineral water. When it melts into your wine, it won't disturb the taste much.

Sunday afternoons in our house are spent very leisurely. Of course now that the weather is inundating us with delightful sunshine, sitting outside and listening to birds chirping, dogs barking and catching the odd bit of conversation of villagers walking passed is rather nice and relaxing.

A typical Sunday where we graze & laze all day tends to ground us and make us realize how nice it is to spend time with family and at home...