Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bob's Off To A Day Of Paint Ball In The Woods.

Boys and their fun!

It almost sounds like a Grimm story title and I am sure there will be a grim outcome for someone...someone clad in clothes all colours of the rainbow - I have a feeling it may be my man.

A friend of Bob's asked whether Bob would like to come along for a day of Paint balling and of course Bob is happy as anything to participate. Gosh, since being asked Bob has been doing strategic manoeuvres on how to play the game well. While the old ball & chain ( eh, me ) only uttered:

" Try not to be hit in the first five minutes otherwise you'll watch all day from the sidelines. "
Naturally, he explained the finer details of the game and the fact that it is quite alright to be hit a few times. No sitting out!

Men will always be boys and the statement can be proved by the numerous company team building excursions that are held at a paint ball arena. Possibly the only given then would be

to make sure not to hit the boss

Bob very kindly asked me ( or rather mumbled ) if I'd like to go as well but to his relief I declined. No, none of this creeping around a paint ball arena with goggles and fatigues and frankly a day of fun for me is structured very differently.

A walk followed by reclining on our comfy couch reading a favourite novel, perhaps a phone call to my parents to ask whether they would like to go for a reconnaissance to Aloisia's and after that some more lounging about. Now that sounds like a fun day!

All jokes aside, I am glad Bob is going on this adventure for a day. It will be a good opportunity to meet people, have a change of scenery while at the same time getting a big dose of fitness. If I recall correctly from movies seen, Bob will have to crawl on all fours, jump over hay bales, run at great speed and all while holding the pain ball gun. Gosh, I look forward to hearing all about it this evening.