Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday, A Day Of Family, Reflection And Sheer Joy.

Easter has so many levels.

For some it is a long weekend of doing nothing more than lounging around with an appropriate beverage nearby, for others it's a chance to converse with the man above, for some it's a time of being with family and for the younguns' it is an eagerly awaited treasure hunt in the garden.

Strange how we've all been young yet we have sadly forgotten the sheer excitement of espying a shining object shimmering through a layer of green grass. Goodness me, hiding Easter eggs in the garden is not as easy as it sounds for parents.

If they hide the Easter eggs too well, they'll grow mouldy and only the odd ant might have a taste during the year, and if you hide them in plain sight, the kids get bored with the hunt. Oh dear, what a dilemma. Now that the lawn mowing season starts again, I could well imagine a few shiny well hidden Easter eggs getting the chop!

Easter, akin to Christmas, has the same subconscious need in most of us. We follow that beacon that gets us home to family. Some of us drive endless hours and some of us walk a few meters but the result is the same. Spending quality time with our loved ones. Is there anything nicer than that?

In a world that seems slightly more turbulent and not so nice, it is a pleasure to re-focus on the essence of life. What else is there apart from being with family, having a roof over our heads and enough food to eat.

Health, the great equalizer of society ( even The Pope has been told to stop eating too much pasta due to health reasons ) is what we all want and often miss by our deviation onto life's stressful highway of enough is never enough. Those odd few days in each year, like Easter, which we go and spend with family, help to nudge us back to what is really the essence of life...Family.

There is an old adage seems appropriate again in our modern hectic lifestyles:

You can't take it with you!


Happy Easter everyone...yes, this is last year's photo. This year the tree is not in bloom yet. Perhaps Easter was later last year. But, the Deutsch Schützen ladies did a fabulous job with this couple.