Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Few More Photos Of My Favourite Daisy Garden.

I can't help it...I find them so refreshing and beautiful.

Like faithful little reminders of how important it is to take the time and look at flowers. A minute of contemplation can make many woes float away.
An orange reminder that there is more to see other than my daisies.
In fact, this purple ball is growing amid and among the stems of these daisies. It won't be long before I take a camping chair and sit across for a bit.
Meditation needn't only be yoga!

Doesn't this remind you of Camomile tea? the daisy coral! They all look the same yet are all so very different. This little bit of daisy haven reminds me of that new advert about Mother Nature ( the one narrated by Julia Roberts ) and somehow I think she would approve of highlighting one of the many wonders of nature. Yes, flowers are wonderful.
A cherry sapling ( it is barely taller than I ) has the red fruit forming and stands proudly next to the daisy coral...