Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Greatest Robbery Of Our Time?

Are we really that clever or should I say smart?

Back in the day, the day of cell phones, a lot of smart older people muttered out loud:

" Why would I need a cell phone? Either I use the phone or I go and visit whoever. "
and you know, why indeed...Little did we know that a mere cellphone would revert to just being used as a phone!

Smartphones are omnipresent at the moment. Wherever you look, it is either close to one cheek, the other or being held out front for either selfies or pictures.

Oh and I nearly forgot the silver lining ( cash cow ) for all chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and massage therapists...the constant looking down to see what is going on in your virtual world. Most of us have developed a kink in our necks.

How much time do we spend on these Smartphones? One, two or more hours a day soon adds up to a whole chunk of time that could have been used for other activities...

  • Spending ' real ' time with your family...phone switched off!
  • Reading a book.
  • Seeing the world around you.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Driving a car without distractions.
  • Meditation and celebrating the peaceful quietness.

Of course it's nice to follow your friends life online and I use the computer for it. Bad enough and often rather a robber of my time. But I am ever so grateful that I've not ( yet ) fallen prey to the lure of a Smartphone and its app-dictive siren call.

We willingly give our Smartphones a big chunk of our time, time we'll never get back. One day we'll sit back and wonder how we got talked out of so much free and valuable time...