Monday, 8 June 2015

The Eisenberg Fire Department Wins Awards & Bob Discovers His Marital Joker.

The covet... Get-Out-Of-Your-Wife's-Bad-Book... joker

Honestly, I think that I have given most of the men a new idea of how to handle late nights. Those nights they come home late and rather tiddly. Or at least an inkling that there is at least one wife ( a.k.a moi ) who has muttered the odd angry word...

The Eisenberg Fire Department's various teams have been practicing for weeks and weeks and it has paid off. Fantastic indeed. At midday on Saturday, Bob headed off with his mates to the regional competition in Wolfau, testing the handling, running and coupling the fire hoses-those that will save someone's life one day. It sounds easy on paper but it involves speed, agility and hours upon hours of hard training.

Bob had been using me as a dummy commandant ( eh, that sounds a bit too close to home ) and mock saluted me while barking out various reports and sentences in a loud official voice. Oh, marriage!

I knew Bob would have a late night and was as per usual reclining on the couch when I heard an SMS come through at about 8 pm. As one does, I looked at it at 10 pm and read that the A-team had won 1st prize in their category, after nine years of trying and that the B-team ( oh yes, Biggi's team more like as Bob is in it ) had garnered 3rd prize in their event. Wow, how cool is that! Oh gosh, I was so happy and proud of Bob.

The creator of this text might have been a bit tiddly or something because he put a riddle in the text:

... XYZ was seriously injured in the process...
Jeez-a-lou, what the heck? Thank goodness it wasn't Bob was my first thought and then I wondered about this poor soul having maybe broken a leg or having to be in hospital for a while.

Bob came home close to midnight and before I had even congratulated him, I asked him about his seriously injured team mate. Not to make it sound like a walk in the park, but this chap had pulled his hamstring and luckily not broken a leg or worse.

Honestly, at such a late hour, it was hard for me to focus and concentrate on the winner's tale. Nevertheless, I was so very proud of Bob and that he got 3rd place in his event. Super and beyond fabulous.

The next morning, when Bob was feeling a little bit better, he let it slip, that some of his team mates gave him sage advice ( it seems that some of them had read my other blog post about Bob's other late night return ):

" Bob, wait a minute before you go home. There is a spare trophy. Take it with you and Biggi won't be cross with you! "
appearantly followed by guffaws of laughter...soon I'll do a survey among the other wives asking them whether their spouses returned home late, brandishing a trophy?
The floating Keep-out-of-your-wife's-bad-books trophy
available now after all late-into the night functions...