Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Queen Elizabeth II, What An Amazing Woman & Icon.

Oh, and she can fix an engine too!

The royal visit to Germany is another reminder of what a marvelous woman the Queen is. There she is, at the age of 89, performing a state visit.

We are so rash to drape anyone over a certain age onto a couch or recliner, thinking that is what should be done and then we see a news clip of the Queen at age 89, walking, chatting and after four meet & greets, she still has the energy to sit at a state gala dinner. Wow comes to mind.

Before you say, that of course she has never had to do her own housework and those chores we tend to lament about, consider the prolific workload The Queen has had and is still having. ( Facts about The Queen.)

When we've had a busy day at work, the last thing we feel like doing is to put on a frock and mingle with others at a function and do the dreaded small talk. Yet, this is what Her Majesty does. We have the privilege to go home, kick off our shoes and flop onto the sofa and lose ourselves in the magnetic world of television soaps and crime dramas. Somehow I think that the Queen envies us for this...

Apart from anything else, she is a walking history book. She has met all the various British Prime Ministers each and every week since the start of her term. Can you imagine what facts she is privy to?

The Queen stands for discipline, formality and manners. When she is around, people stand up straighter, they up the ante in the language department and they are jolly elated to have a chance to shake her hand or even get a smile from her.

I like the feeling of continuity that the Queen exudes. The world around us might be changing at an alarming pace, but it is so nice to see Her Majesty being who she is, and thus providing a bit of an emotional haven to shelter us.

Did I mention that her husband, Prince Phillip, the man who even though he has to walk two steps behind her, does so with a great bearing and ramrod straight posture, is 94 years old?

I'll have what they're having...