Monday, 1 June 2015

This Makes Smokers Almost Look Like Choir Boys!

Plastic is thriving and birds are dying.

Let's be honest, where do we think that waste goes to? It can't just turn into thin air and take care of itself. No, whatever doesn't get recycled, gets buried in the ground. That is if it's done properly and doesn't just get tossed into the nearest river which then floats down into the ocean.

Most of us have an inkling by now about the masses of pollution in our oceans and rivers. When you sit and ponder how many of us are living on our planet, multiplied by the amount of rubbish each of us generates it sends chills down the spine. At least for me it does.

I do wonder if it would make a difference to our collective health, if all plastics were banned?

Living without using plastic is jolly difficult as just about everything is wrapped in it and most things produced with it. My personal pet hate at bakery departments in supermarkets is when they wrap ' freshly ' baked bread in plastic. Honestly I'd rather have a few fingerprints on it then the taste of plastic. Warmth and plastic are not a healthy combination. Really, stop wrapping stuff in unnecessary plastic!

Bob and I saw a program last night on the plight of birds around the coast line of Northern Germany. An alarming number of dead birds are found there and when they were examined, it turns out that about 95% of them have bits of plastic in their stomachs and some of the pieces are rather tiny, but nevertheless they are plastic.

The tiny bits of plastic are slowly entering our food chain. Finding any spot on planet earth that doesn't have pollution might be impossible. Plastics ( and let's not forget that plastics are often made with harmful chemicals and colourants ) are leaving their greeting card everywhere. Even if you don't see the offending item, you can be sure that the invisible parts of it ( chemicals and so forth ) are floating in a river near you!

Suddenly, smokers look like choir boys...until we all recycle and use much less plastics, how dare we complain about the smokers...