Monday, 29 June 2015

Disco Soup Or Schnippel Disko Should Be Held In Every Town.

A brilliant concept to highlight our collective folly, while saving our planet.

What is it? Well, I only saw a snippet of it on the news this morning, but it is a big cook-up / food party in a park for example, where meals are being prepared with food that would have been thrown away or is out of date. Everyone can eat for free. A Foodstock...

This whole concept of sell by date is obsolete because most of us know that even a week past the sell by date, food is far from bad. In fact, it is rather fun to shop for marked down food in the supermarkets. Why buy at full price, if you can buy it at half price?

Buying and using food products that might have otherwise been throw out or destroyed, means that they are now eaten and haven't been grown or produced for nothing. Imagine how much precious water we could save world wide, if we just stopped throwing out food. Or at least part of it.

  • Next time you shop, perhaps make a point of buying at least one almost past its sell by date product. You'll live...
  • Perhaps the producers should be made to increase the sell by date by a few days.
  • Supermarkets should give food to the poor and needy instead of throwing it out.
  • Dumpster diving should become a main stream activity. Don't forget, that dumpster-divers save our world, one food item at a time.
  • When you think you've got no more food in your fridge / larder, make yourself delay your grocery shop one more'll be surprised what you can magically cook in a seemingly empty larder!
  • Try and make sure to have a few liters of long life milk in your larder...don't most of us rush to the supermarket because we've run out of milk...and who is disciplined enough to only buy milk when you are at the supermarket? Not me!

Back to the Disco Soup. What a fabulous way to kill a few birds with one stone...we get to see how good out-of-date food can taste and we can save our planet and some money at the same time.