Friday, 12 June 2015

Contrary To Popular Belief, Hearing Aids Aren't Always Switched On.

The art of conversation...

Hearing is so important and alas, it does often go on hiatus when we get older. A sad fact of life yet with the help of an hearing aid, some of the auditory ability is revived.

That is if it is switched on or even in the ear! From what I've been told, most of the hearing aids aren't that comfortable and often give off a hissing sound that others can hear. Imagine what it must feel like in the ear. As a hearing aid ( each ear ) uses a battery more or less per week, it is understandable if it isn't always switched on.

The jury is still out on whether the eternal use of an i-pod or earphones will cause a loss of hearing a few years down the line.

Visiting a nice lady yesterday, it was a bit tricky holding a conversation with her because she didn't have her devices in her ears. Believe me, I surreptitiously sneaked a look at her ear as I didn't want to shout just in case. For a few minutes, I did talk in a rather loud and distinct voice and she mostly understood me.

A relative of hers came to visit soon after I had arrived and for about five minutes she also had to shout and repeat herself. In fact, she was getting quite annoyed and in the end shouted:

" For goodness sake, put in your hearing aid. I can't shout so much! "
that did the trick and suddenly we had a flowing conversation. There is no one like family to tell it like it is...

Several years back, I knew an older man who had a third set of teeth. The falsies or ' The tatties' as he used to call them. Having a new set of teeth is far from cheap or painless and it made me chuckle to see this man walk around with his new teeth...

As they were so precious, he usually carried them around in his shirt pocket!
...and only put them in when his embarrassed wife gave him a scolding...