Friday, 19 June 2015

Dear Pope Francis, You Are A Godsend.

Will he help turn the tide?

It has been said that the year of 2015 is our last chance to make a change and reverse climate change. Just in time this brilliant Pope, Pope Francis, has made his appeal. Like all important decisions taken for the good of mankind, it didn't and doesn't please everyone!

In fact he has told us off and I so hope that people will sit up and take notice. The way we are polluting our precious planet is out of control and as he has said, partly due to our constant need to consume and toss away as we get newer stuff.

Oh, he has called out capitalism and if we were living back in the 17th Century I could imagine a dawn duel...The blustering from politicians has started. Mutterings about the Pope and ...what does he know ?.... have made their appearance and if you read between the lines, it is mostly by those who stand the most to lose should we consume less.

If your wealth is made from oil and other polluting materials, of course you need to pretend and profess that climate change doesn't exist. By the by, how much more wealth does one need?

But back to the Pope and his divine missive. Yes, this will make a lot of people sit up and start to ponder how they consume and if it is necessary. He didn't preach that we have to stop consuming altogether but only that we become more aware and that we use what we have already before buying something else.

As I have been saying all along, each and everyone of us can make a dent in the reversal of climate change. Let's vote with our money and where we spend it...

Once we realize that inner happiness and contentment aren't a result of consumption & our outer trimmings ( or should they be called trappings? ), it gets easier and easier to do the right thing for our planet.