Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Visit To A Local SPCA.

These helpers go above & beyond.

It's no secret to our family that we are in search of a cat. First we wanted a kitten but when we found out the costs involved in vet's fees, we changed our minds.

Just like a baby needs all its injections, so does a kitten and a snip down below on top of it. We do have our darling Tigger but alas, she still likes her feral persona and even though we pamper to her every whim regarding food, we have yet to be honoured with her coming anywhere close to us. All we'd want is a chance to stroke and play with Tigger...

So we want an additional house cat ( darn those pesky little mice that visit us each and every autumn ) to hopefully catch each and every mouse that graces our house!

Reading through the various online sites, we have decided to adopt an older cat. Older cats aren't as cute as young kittens and often go unseen in the adoption rounds. Yet, they have oodles of character and personality with an abundance of love to dispense.

Bob and I have already looked at a kitten which was so very cute and melted Bob's heart like butter in a hot oven, but reason prevailed. Somehow we believe that the right cat will find us at the right time.

Bob remembered seeing a sign over a year ago that he thought said:

Tierheim ( home for animals )
and on our way to Oberwart we did the scenic route yesterday. Gosh, his memory is amazing, because it turned out to be an animal sanctuary.

The owner kindly showed us her troupe of cats. Rather a lot of them and as it was an animal sanctuary, some of the cats had various problems. But not all.

One cat vied for Bob's attention with such gusto and even shushed other contenders away. She got his attention and when he moved to the other side of the cat enclosure, she moved along with him.

The two of us are almost overcautious and are still discussing our options. One thing is for sure, any animal sanctuary or SPCA, is run by wonderful people. It is so sinful how some pet owners just abandon their pets when they aren't suitable anymore ( not all of course ).

Animals have character and feeling too and isn't it mostly a cat or a dog that gives us unquestionable loyalty, love and never holds a grudge?