Tuesday, 23 June 2015

It's The Back Of Our Hands, Every Time...

Oh deary me, Bob gets a timely reminder!

Honestly, I thought it was just us gals lamenting the passing of time. Well sort of. Direct sunlight and the back of my hands aren't a good combination...

Only a few lucky lasses have baby smooth hands, even in old age. Not me and now it seems that Bob has joined the ranks. Quite how he managed to get interested in this age appropriate club is a mystery to me! Did someone nominate him perhaps?

Yesterday afternoon, I found a very dejected husband slumped on the side of the bed. When I daringly ( oh yes, often it is best to let sleeping dogs lie ) inquired about the cause of his dejected stance, he mumbled while doing a Lady Macbeth stance:

" Schatzi, just look how old my hands are getting. Remember how youthful my skin was? Now everyone can see my real age! "
There was only one response a loving wife could make ( or this one at least ):
" Join the club! "
I thought that Bob was over his moping regarding his hands but it seems I was mistaken. Out of the blue, a few hours later, while Skyping his older brother he brought up his hand-plight and perhaps made his older brother cringe as well.

It was priceless and I wish you could have seen it. There were the two of them ( grown men ) sitting in front of their respective computer screens, comparing the backs of their hands and as is custom with a pair of brothers, they had a competition to see whose hands showed more wrinkles and aging!

Sneaky Bob, being the younger of the two, more than likely couldn't wait to compare his hands to his brother's, knowing that he would come off better...

Gosh, married life is fun and never boring!