Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Own Unique Selling Point Of Grammel Schmalz & Bratenfett.

Another fabulous Buschenschank experience.

Of course we go out when it's just the two or four of us ( my parents ) but when guests are here, our Buschenschank time is amplified. What a novel and good idea for visitors to see one of the facets of that gem called Burgenland...and why we love it here.

Most newly initiated Buschenschank frequenters say almost the same thing:

  • The wine is excellent and so affordable!
  • The simple & honest food is a refreshing change from the usual constricted restaurant fare.
  • The scenery and weather are amazing.

The casual atmosphere is conducive to having a great time and when the wine is so affordable, ordering more of it becomes a breeze instead of a squeeze.

A few years ago, two of our friends came for a weekend, went with us to a Buschenschank, saw the low prices of our delectable Eisenberg wines and ordered each wine on the menu! legendary...

Eight of us were at the Kopfensteiner's Buschenschank last night and had a great time. Sitting outside under an evening sky and chatting away is one of life's pleasures. Lately, my staple food at these outings is bread topped with Schmalz of some sort. Be it Grammel or Bratenfett.

Just in case it got lost in is a bread topped with pure fat. Usually the drippings left after making roast pork and they are mixed with crackling or as is. Yum yum indeed. Of course some women take a look and instantly refuse to eat it because of their waistlines. Years of conditioning ( or brainwashing ? ) regarding fat!

Once you taste this combination, you can't stop. A simple yet divine tasting morsel. Last night I went a step further and ordered a plate of four different toppings served with freshly baked rye bread. Oh yes, it was good.

I could see a few odd looks but then I casually dropped my unique selling point...

" You know, this is the best thing to ward of wrinkles. If you don't eat fat your skin just crumbles. "
Hook line and sinker...suddenly, everyone accepts my offer of a tasty sample, even one of the men at the table.

Life is groovy or should I say gravy...