Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I Stopped The Car & Smelt The Roses Above Deutsch Schuetzen.

Summer, sunshine and a great view.

I shouldn't really call it summer yet because technically we are still bumbling along in Spring. It makes me wonder what the actual summer will be like? At the moment, there is a vibrancy of colour wherever one happens to look. Even the ' plain ' green of the forests are what my Dad calls the 30 shades of green. Each more magnetic than the next.

Driving around yesterday took me to Hungary and back, and this beautiful weather had many languising under a shady tree or umbrella. Life had slowed down and more importantly the people themselves were taking it easy.

The odd farmer was working the field but I suspect that it might have been an escape from the heat...oh yes, the modern tractor is equipped with a super duper air conditioner.

We have a few farming purists among our mid and it was a pleasure to watch them exercising their craft, safe in the knowledge that we don't have to join in. A farmer in his mid sixties was using his scythe to ' mow ' a huge meadow. In the middle of the day too. Fit as a fiddle indeed and I bet that the scythe does wonders for a spare tire...might try it myself sometime.

Just for a moment I have to wax lyricals about the most divine smell there is. Freshly cut grass surpasses a Dior or Lancome spritz any time. The air is laden with the succulent aromas of grass. Perhaps with a hint of the odd wild flower or herb. If you ever feel down in the dumps, sit next to a meadow while it is being mowed. Instant gratification. Instant upliftment.

As to the roses of Deutsch Schützen, they have a siren call all of their own. Driving to another appointment, I took a shortcut via the vineyards and when I took in the sheer brilliant reds of the roses, I stopped the car, reversed and got out to take a few photos.

These roses are at the start of each row of vines and I know that apart from the aesthetics, the roses are planted to show the health of each vine. Healthy roses...healthy vines. One of our local wine estates, Weingut Krutzler has a cult following of wine lovers and a flagship wine with the delightful name of Perwolff that has won and still wins numerous awards.

Those roses are on the rows of vines outside their wine cellar and I assume they are theirs. Driving past that little stretch is a rewarding adventure as it overlooks the whole valley, with Deutsch Schützen included.

Overlooking Deutsch Schützen on a beautiful Spring day.
A rose by any other name...