Saturday, 6 June 2015

Eisenberg & Deutsch Schuetzen Are Packed To The Rafters.

People are catching on...

It helped that it was a long weekend, well sort of if one took off work on Friday and of course the weather played along with a backdrop of sunshine, heat, brilliance and nary a cloud in the offing. Simply marvelous, Simply Burgenland!

My honey ( a.k.a. Bob ) was on his way to practice holding his hose, ( no really, that's part of a fireman's drill ) and I had plonked down on the couch with a glass of Grüner Veltiner and my favourite cop show on the telly. Blissful indeed at least for a minute, because suddenly Bob was back. Huh?

It turns out that as he was getting into the car, a quartet of bikers stopped and asked him whether he knew of anywhere to stay for the night. A question that merited my appearance and luckily I hadn't changed into my pyjamas yet!

What a sight. Easy Riders and Wild Hogs came to mind. Four bikers in black leather with big machines next to them. One forgets that in real everyday life these cool, clad in black leather bikers are perhaps Doctors, Lawyers or Bankers. Who else can afford those big machines and the luxury of biker's safari?

Born to Be Wild - Saumäßig Unterwegs
Easy Rider

Armed with the local phone directory ( not that big ) and my cell phone I started to phone around the various B&B's for these guys. They must have been big city revelers, as they were amazed that I'd phone all over for them! For us it's what we do in a small village.

Eventually on the fifth try I garnered 4 beds for them and even though I knew the lady, I handed the phone over to one of the men. Goodness, my phone ( not smart & older than 5 years ) got a frown indeed. Clearly he was used to the smart variety.

They organized the arrangement and when it came to getting to the place, which is in the middle of our stunning Deutsch Schützen vineyards, I said:

" Just tell her that you are waiting outside Bob & Birgit's place in Eisenberg. "
which is what he did and you know, within 5 minutes she came to lead them to her place. It might seem a fairly insignificant happening, but for me it is the quintessence of village life...being friendly, helpful and cheerful.

Oh, and the cherry on the top was:

" Wow, your village is so peaceful and nice. You must love it here!
...a learned man indeed.