Tuesday, 9 June 2015

G 8...Gee Whiz...Addressing Global Warming / Climate Change!

Is it really going to happen?

As a population we are incredibly obtuse and self serving. Do we really think that we can go on partying with no care for tomorrow? Building, consuming, throwing away, using chemicals in just about everything and fighting wars. If we ever going to round the corner and start the long process of healing our planet ( or at least not depleting it ), then we need to stop, and stop now!

A war is a horrid horrid thing and by rights we should only know about it from history books. Wars kill people, destroy everything and make one question humanity. I am so very grateful that I've never had to experience a war the way that we see so many people living amid the evil of it.

We can send a man to the moon, but we can't stop a war. Apart from all the tragedy and loss, sadly a war also means big business for industry. Someone is making a mint, manufacturing the various implements of fighting a war ( for either side ). Could they have enough influence to keep fanning the flame of hatred and discontent?

Rebuilding a war torn area is necessary of course, but if a war had been avoided in the first place, Nature wouldn't have to be depleted of of all the ingredients needed to build. Never mind all the carbon emissions. Once a war is over, a lot of fortunes are made in the rebuilding of that which it has destroyed.

I was surprised to hear Global Warming being addressed at the recent summit. Could it be that Governments are coming on board?

As for a waste of time and resources, one needs to look no further than FIFA. As I have mumbled in the past, I thought not all was right in ' Soccer-Ville ' and now, we hear of corruption of such a scale that it boggles the mind.

Talk about a real disregard of Global Warming & Mother Nature: Having to build new stadiums every four years in different locales is a waste of such gigantic proportions, that I get cross just thinking about it.

There are so many only-used-once FIFA -standard stadium littered around the globe, gathering dust or providing a place for weeds to sprout, that it is a crime against nature to keep building more of the same...